We have some amazing businesses here in Newmarket that we love to rave about but, we also have some great individual characters who work for them with amazing stories and a passion for food that we want to share with you guys! Up first is Piush, one of the chefs that fills our kitchen with laughter on a daily basis. We threw a few questions his way to learn a bit more about his past in the kitchen, his biggest kitchen disaster and what trends he sees emerging in the foodie world.  

Why did you become a chef and what age was it at? 
I decided to become a chef because I wanted to travel the world and that was the best way. I decided when I was like 16. The best way to travel the world was by being a chef, because with other jobs you need to be able to do lots of different things, but as a chef it was easy to travel and work so that’s what my motivation was. 
Where and how were you trained? 
I had training in India in Delhi, I studied hotel management. 
How did you end up coming to Ireland? 
I just applied to for a job, It was in Carrick on Shannon. I didn’t like it…. So I left after two months! It was too small for me! 
How has training in india influenced your cooking? 
Training in india was very different, so when I first left india I went to cruise ships first. In india its very different like the quality of food also the way you cook food, the tastes and the palate’s is completely different so that was very interesting to see how everywhere the palate’s are completely different. So it was a different form of training. 
What’s been your best experience in the cheffing world to date? 
Me? I don’t like cheffing! I told you the best experience was just to travel around and it pays the bills! (Piush laughs) 
What’s your biggest kitchen disaster? 
I was doing private catering for a bank in the national gallery of Ireland, for a christmas due and the kitchen didn’t work. The equipment was very old, it was a big function and everyone was sitting down, i had everything prepared but it didn’t go well as there was extra people. I didn’t anticipate them going for duck rather than steak, on top of that the kitchen was two floors above the 120 people it was next to impossible. 

Is there a chef you admire most? 
If you weren’t a chef what would you have been? 
I like travelling or id like to work in IT. I’d really like to see some ways that IT could help food. Its one of my passions. 
What’s your favourite type of food to cook? 
I just like simple food, like bistro style food so I like chicken wings, burgers so those are my favourites. 
If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? 
Lentils, I love lentils. The thing is my parents are vegetarian and I grew up on lentils. The best thing is that there is not only one kind, so you can make 5 to 8 different types. 
What is your top cooking tip? 
Don’t cook!  
What do you think will be the next big food trend? 
I think it will be more specialised, as you can see high end burgers, speciality fish but they will be specific with no more broad menus. In Ireland i have noticed the pub menu hasn’t changed in the last 10 years, the same with hotel menus. So it’s the small restaurants that start coming which will be more more based on specialising in a few specific foods such as high end burgers.