Newmarket Kitchen Consulting provides institutional knowledge to individuals, and local businesses who share our mission to build a sustainable food system by making local production a scalable model. With a shared commitment to economic development, job creation, & entrepreneurial growth; Newmarket Kitchen works with our partners to play a pivotal role in accelerating success.

Product Development

Grow your food business

  • Break down menus into processes & quantities
  • Food product concept development, from food to marketing
  • Food costings & supplier pricing
  • Packaging costs & packaging design
  • Product development by experienced in-trend chefs
  • Food photography & styling
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Food Safety

HSE compliance and EHO management

Business Support Services

Drive sales & get your admin humming

  • Peer networking & sales opportunities
  • Branding, marketing, & web development support services
  • Financial planning, accountancy & bookkeeping support services
  • HR systems & management support services
  • VAT and Revenue tax support services
  • Suppliers, distribution identification & support
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