Following on from the success of their Baggot Street outlet, Chopped’s first franchise has opened at 109 Grafton Street. It seems that healthy eating has hit Ireland and is here to stay. 

Chopped is going through massive expansion at the moment and is set to open a number of new premises in early 2016. With that come a lot of new jobs and more healthy food alternatives. 
I like the Chopped brand and can see it going from strength to strength here in Dublin but I wonder how people outside the pale will take to the idea of a salad joint opening up next to their beloved Supermacs. 
These days, it seems everywhere I look I am greeted with new healthy food offerings, gyms, juice companies and cookbooks by anyone who knows how to cut a carrot. Some people may think that this new health craze is a fad. I don’t think so. How can living a healthier, fitter lifestyle be a fad. Young professionals these days are opting for healthy salads, juices and whole foods filled with fibre instead of the old sambo or chicken fillet roll. 
People are now idolising their favourite celebrities and food brands on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and more recently Snapchat. Hat tip to the lads over at Happy Pear in Greystones. Their daily Snapchat stories are strangely addictive to watch. I’m not sure if its their non-stop energy “KALEEE DUDESS”, daily sunrise pics or regular handstands but the twins are giving a deadly insight in to their day to day hustle. I can see this trend continuing as more and more consumers follow their favourite brands, their back-story and the people at the helm. 

What’s on the cards for 2016 

  • Tech - More and more food brands embracing technology.  The likes of ordering and office delivery apps (Growth of Deliveroo); 
  • Convenience - People are living busy lives and becoming more demanding. New sales channels will emerge in the coming year; 
  • Simplicity - Growing expectation for products and services to be easy to use, if not they are simply not worth the time invested; 
  • Changing Routines - People are no longer working normal 9-5 job hours. Some, not all, go in to work late and stay till late. 24/7 food joints and night markets will set a new standard as activities are no longer defined as ‘daytime’ or ‘night time’.