Ever wonder why Barbie dolls have consistently sold well over the years….? 
Yeah, neither did I but they have. It is because everything that goes into making up the Barbie doll range – the cars, houses and clothes all have some sort of bright, flashy colour to them. They’re eye-catching. 
Food labelling works in the exact same way. If done right, your label can tell the brand’s story for you. A great example of this is Tessemae’s, an all natural salad dressing brand founded by three brothers in the US. 

What I like about Tessemae’s labelling is that it’s simple, colourful and youthful. The branding stands out on the shelf and in my opinion appeals to a younger, more health conscious consumer. When I think of ‘cool’ Irish food products, I struggle to name any. Cully & Sully maybe……just maybe 
With competition on the up and supermarket shelf space at a premium I think it is imperative that Irish brands focus more attention on their branding/labeling in an effort to stand out from the crowd and appeal to younger, more savvy shopper.  
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