Starting a business can be a daunting idea for even the most capable of people. There will never be a RIGHT time to start, you just have to define your idea, product or service and go for it. With the right amount of research, hard work and passion your goals can be achieved. 
Take 3FE coffee shop in Dublin for example. 3FE was started in 2008 by Colin Harmon who at the time was working in Dublin’s financial district as an investment banker. With little to no experience in the coffee industry Colin decided to dedicate his life to coffee.  
What I love most about Colin’s story is the fact that he had the courage to give up a great job in pursuit of his passion. It was this passion that led Colin to win the Irish Barista Championship and place 4th in the World Barista Championship in 2009. 
Against the odds and up against multi-national players such as Starbucks, 3FE has emerged as one of the best coffee houses in Ireland. It is this kind of Passion & Purpose that will create jobs and make Dublin in to one of the best small cities in the world. 

​Another great Passion and Purpose success story is that of Sweetgreen. A salad shop started by three college graduates that is on the cusp of international expansion. Sweetgreen is as much a lifestyle brand as it is a health food brand powered by Passion and Purpose. 
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