It has been a busy month here in Newmarket Kitchen! We’ve seen an influx of new member inquiries, the kitchen seems busier then ever and Shane (NMK Founder) has been featured in not one but two publications, The Sunday Business Post and The Taste. 
Its always great to be featured, both online and in print material. It validates the work being done and helps motivate the team to keep pushing on with the business. With the summer season coming to a close, we look forward to the months ahead as we try to fill the kitchen to capacity and add more value-added services for our members! 
Sunday Business Post – Start-up gets small food producers into the kitchen 
The Taste – The Secret to Food Startups – Top Tips From the Experts 
Big thanks to Elaine O’ Regan (SBP) and Alison Daly (The Taste) for the write ups.