Chocolatier Siona Ryan has challenged the chocolate world with her quirky single origin and preservative free, range of handmade bars, truffles and ganaches. Siona has a music-industry background which she tied into her brand by naming each product after legendary musical tracks- ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’ espresso ganache – ‘White Light, White Night’ white chocolate bar with cardamom and ginger and ‘Honky Tonka Woman’ Dark chocolate bar blended with Tonka beans to name but a few. The flavours used in her products are unusual but scrumptious and well balanced – We chatted to Siona on her experience in her first year of business as she goes against the tide of the chocolate world in Ireland 
​1.       When did you set up your business? 
September 2016, I’m still not sure if it was a brilliant or crazy idea to set up in time for Christmas! 
2.       What prompted you to start your business? 
Well the initial idea was born from my own love of chocolate – as is often the way with food producers. I love everything about it, the raw ingredients, the  

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3.       What is your USP, how did you decide to market it? 
I created serious chocolate with tongue in packaging, all my products have song inspired names- Wake Me Up Before You Go Go Espresso Ganaches! 
4.       What has been your greatest moment since starting up? 
Being followed on Instagram but one of my chocolate heroes – Michel Cluizel 
5.    Have you some tips that you think would help someone starting off a food business ? 
Well I decided that this was something I was happy to devote time to regardless of whether or not it became a business, so my hours in the kitchen trying to master the art of chocolate were because it was life enhancing. This may not be brilliant business advice but it has worked for me in maintaining my passion! 
6.       Where can we find your products? 
Avoca Stores Nationwide 
7.       How have you found your experience in new market kitchen? 
It has been a great just having the buzz of other people around – all willing to exchange ideas and experience.  Even when we are going it alone it is always good to feel part of something bigger.