Today our member spotlight is on Anna, the woman behind the brand Rustic Honey. We chatted to Anna about her experiences in running the business so far, her plans for the future and her experience in Newmarket Kitchen. 

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1. What makes Rustic Honey so special? 
The company ethos is to provide top quality food that is fresh, homemade and wholesome. We feel that nobody should be excluded when it comes to eating , for that reason we cater for all types of dietary requirements such as gluten friendly, dairy free etc. We also provide a wide range of vegan products which helps us all to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

2. What prompted you to start your food business?
It had always been a dream of mine to own my own food business. Sadly, I lost my Dad to a short illness last year. As ‘cheesy’ and ‘ cliche ‘ as it sounds , his passing showed me that life is short and do what makes you happy . And so, Rustic Honey was born . 

3. Have you any tips that you think would help someone starting off a food business?
My top tip would be to get some experience in the field. The more knowledge you have behind you the better – it will definitely stand to you . 

4. What has been your best experience since starting Rustic Honey? 
Watching the business evolve from a childhood dream into a reality. Seeing happy customers and knowing that they find our food delicious always puts a smile on my face.

​5. Where can we find your products?
You can find a selection of our sweet treats in some of Dublin’s best coffee shops such as Bear MarketHatchThru The Green , Gerard’s Café & DeliCoco Brew and Catalyst.
For catering services our instagram page has more details. 

6. Do you have any new or exciting plans?
In 2020 we plan to expand.

7. How have you found your experience at Newmarket Kitchen so far?
10/10. Newmarket Kitchen has exceeded all expectations that I had. The work space is always clean, the staff go above and beyond to provide a helping hand. Whether it be help with equipment or with paperwork – you can be sure there is a shoulder to lean on. Staff and members create a family atmosphere and a relaxed work environment. 

8. Has there been any major benefit of producing here at Newmarket Kitchen?
Newmarket Kitchen is available to use 24/7. This is a huge perk for me as I have a young child who has me pretty tied up during the day. I also have my own storage area which is very convenient. I can’t recommend Newmarket Kitchen enough!