Know your customer 
Identify who your customer is. It’s impossible to gain more customers when you can’t identify where they are coming from. Knowing this information will allow you to create a strategy to target them and will help determine where the focus of your marketing should lie. 
Ecommerce and digital 
Utilise all digital channels possible to educate and inform your customer about the product- Facebook, Instagram and Twitter should be an entrepreneur’s new best friend. Put your product out there and reach those who probably wouldn’t have seen it otherwise. Consumer’s time is invaluable, and as the demand for convenience increases grocery sales begin to shift online which means introducing an ecommerce aspect can send your business soaring- Online platforms include Shopify, Weebly, Magento and Amazon launch pad. 
Learn from other founders 
One of the many positives of joining a shared kitchen community is the access to other like-minded, creative and entrepreneurial people whose businesses are developing and overcoming challenges daily. The best advice you can get is from those who have gone through the process. Talk to other founders, query what worked for them and what didn’t – They might even let you in on a few of their secrets to success! 
Stay in control 
Know your business, know your brand and have confidence in it. Become familiar with the market you are in and your competitors, growing an awareness to others around you. This is vital when meeting a new customer, know the facts- where your brand sits in the market and why it’s a good fit for that customer, take control of the conversation with confidence but make sure you also listen. 
That brings me on nicely to my final tip, listen. Talk to your customer, ask them what they would like, what they think works and what they would consider changing. Be open to constructive criticism and take everything on board, after all they are the one you rely on buying your product!