Here at Newmarket kitchen we have so many amazing members bringing amazing products to the Irish Food market. 
In our member’s spotlight we would like you to meet Zane from the health meal delivery service- Fit Meal! 
As an experienced chef, personal trainer and Fitness competitor, Zane is aware of the diet struggles that are faced by clients preventing them from reaching their goals. Fit Meal was created to help people be healthier, happier and fitter and with the delivery service and custom made meals to suit each individual customer, Zane is bringing healthy meals to clients using quality Irish ingredients. 

When and why did you decide to become a chef? 
That would be really long story, ha-ha. But shortly said I wanted to make my grandparents proud of me and follow their steps. I’m sure they are happy watching me now. 

Did you have any former training? 
Yes indeed, 5 years of college as a chef followed by 15 years of pure cooking in different places from breakfast to fine dining style, completed Nutrition in advanced sports course, Personal training course, and over 8 years in fitness industry including bodybuilding competitions. 

Where did you work as a chef before creating Fit Meal? 
In Dublin at the Bewley’s Hotel, The Ballsbridge Hotel and O’Connell’s Donnybrook 

What gave you get the idea for Fit Meal? 
Helping people to get their fitness results while dieting or simply improving their wellbeing 

When did you set up your business? 
January 2017 I had my first client K.Harris 

What prompted you to start your food-business? 
My friends including K. Harris and my ex-Girlfriend who were great supporters in tough times 

What are your top tips on staying healthy? 
Everything in moderation 

What has been your best experience since creating Fit Meal? 
Hard to tell what the best experience is, so far I’d say that I’m thankful for all our supporters and clients that can see the value in what we do. That we do something that really works for them, in terms of lifestyle and health improvement. 

How many areas does Fit Meal reach? 
The South Side Dublin and Dublin City Centre 

 What is your favourite type of food to cook? 
No preference. But I do like to produce Colourful, vibrant, crunchy, fresh and top quality products. 

Do you cater for customers with special diet requirements? (Coeliac, vegan etc.?) 
Indeed. That is our weapon. We know all of those allergies might be a pain in the neck so we can aim to create custom meals. Our menus are very healthy already as we avoid adding wheat and dairy etc. 

Have you any tips that might help a person starting a food business? 
Don’t be afraid to fail. Each time you learn something new which pushes you up. 

 Do you have any new or exciting future plans for Fit Meal? 
Fit meal has huge potential in the future, we have our strategy plan which won’t be revealed at this stage. 

How have you found your experience in Newmarket Kitchen? 
Newmarket kitchen helped us to grow, learn, and speed up the whole process. Shane is always there to give a hand and willing to help. We are here like a big family, supporting each other in tough times and having a laugh when thing gets easier. I’m definitely recommending NMK to anyone willing to start-up food business.