So you have the perfect product. You’ve done your HACCP training and designed your packaging. Now it’s time to write your HACCP Plan.

As you probably remember from the HACCP training, the HACCP plan is a written document based upon the principles of HACCP. It is a document that describes the procedures that will be followed in order to assure the control of specific processes or procedures. The HACCP system is then the result of the implementation of the HACCP plan.

There are many consultants and agencies out there helping small companies write their HACCP plans. You can ask for different services, depending on your needs but we recommend avoiding third parties. The reason being that nobody knows your product like you do. Nobody knows the procedures and steps you take when making your product better than you. If you understand HACCP (which you should after your HACCP training), then you might as well be the one to identify the potential hazards in your production.

This can also be the perfect opportunity to re-think your production process, to see if it’s good enough, efficient enough and safe enough. Ask yourself; Is there a way to make it simpler, easier or cheaper?

Writing your HACCP plan can help you take a step back and re-evaluate your processes and production from another perspective.

Keep in mind you are not alone in this. Contact your local Environmental Health Officer and ask for help. They will be able to assist you with any questions you have. Ask him/her to revise your plan. Implement any changes needed, improve the plan, and then contact the officer again. It is good to be eager in this process. It will prove to your local Environmental Health Officer that you are serious about food safety and the safety of your production.

It can be a tedious task but in the long run it will pay off and you will learn more about your production process. You will also have a very specific HACCP plan tailor-made for your product.
Additionally, you will have the local Environmental Health Officer on your side and benefit from the fact that he/she will know you are fully committed to the safety of your product.

It is for this reason that we recommend you do your HACCP plan yourself. It will strengthen your food safety knowledge, improve your relations with your local Environmental Health Officer and ensure that your systems are correct, up-to-date and working.

If you’ve done your market research, identified an opportunity for a new product, completed your HACCP training and contacted your local Environmental Health Office we want to hear from you.

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